Within the fleet services industry, there are many different kinds of companies, each with its own unique attitude about service. Some set the bar just high enough to meet expectations, adjusting their procedures and resources only when friction develops between them and their corporate clients. The result is a level of service that never catches up with the need. In effect, you’re dragging your service providers into the future.

    Corporate Claims Management is the future. We earned our reputation for innovation by staying ahead of the curve determining where the industry is going and developing superior procedures and technologies to meet the changing needs of our clients. When you’re ready to exploit a new technology, such as real-time tracking of auto claims over the internet, you simply plug into our system and start reaping the benefits.

    While our clients appreciate rapid technological innovation, what they really notice is the warmth and courtesy they and their drivers experience every time they call. That is the message you’ll hear when you ask your colleagues about CCM.

    We like to put it this way: Imagine what your fleet services company could be, and that’s Corporate Claims Management.